Added final product value with prototypes and operational solutions


Multifunctional farming






Added value of the final product (legume-small grains intercropping) with prototype and operational solution for intercrop. 

The farm has close cooperation with the most relevant institutions in the agricultural sector of Serbia The main stakeholders involved in working on this farm are UNSFA, 

  • Extension services – assistance with applications for various funds (IPARD, subsidies) 
  • Institutes/seed company (NS seme, Agrosava….) – seeding material, organic seed production 
  • Organic agriculture Cluster of Vojvodina (VOK) knowledge transfer, promotion 
  • Farmer association – knowledge transfer, lobbying 

The farm will try to reach new consumers and new markets and develop its own brand based on co-innovation in intercropping development. The required inputs are suitable intercropping solutions and technology development (fine-tuning). 

Scaling out potential – The selected farm is the front-runner farm which will be used for knowledge transfer and implementation of intercropping on farms within the local community and beyond. 

Click here if you want to read the project flyer in Serbian

Updates from
the CICS 09:

Short VIDEO RELEASE: sowing winter wheat and field pea

Short VIDEO RELEASE: sowing winter wheat and field pea

The year starts with short video releases from our partners in different locations around Europe and the world. This time it is our partner from Serbia, the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia), sending us a video where we can see the work...

Short VIDEO RELEASE: soil sampling in Serbia

Short VIDEO RELEASE: soil sampling in Serbia

"The soil is a non-renewable natural resource, and therefore the care of its preservation is the role of everyone". Looking at soil health, what does soil sampling for scientific research look like? Our team in Serbia, led by the Faculty of Agriculture of the...

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