The year starts with short video releases from our partners in different locations around Europe and the world. This time it is our partner from Serbia, the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia), sending us a video where we can see the work that keeps them busy in the field. The video presents the sowing of winter wheat and field pea and the establishment of the field experiment of WP1 (CICS#9) and WP2.

The trial in Serbia will be carried out at two locations: Šuljam (certified organic) and Rimski Šančevi (conventional). This comprehensive study aims to find out the basis and beneficial effects of small grain-legume mixtures to create a solution for the introduction of intercropping and to gain knowledge for the establishment of the agro-food value chain based on intercropping.

Short video presenting the work carried out at CICS#9 in Serbia

The author of the video is Bojan Vojnov, a member of the team of UNSFA.