As European projects want to bridge the gap between research and the general public, videos are a good tool to show people what the aim of the research is, why it is relevant, how the results can change people’s lives, and how European project partners organise all this in a 4-year project.

Taking advantage of the fact that many of the IntercropVALUES partners were present in Bonn for the first consortium meeting, we have prepared a video explaining some of the questions about intercropping and IntercropVALUES that might cross people’s minds.

It has been recorded with a mobile phone as the idea is also to show the project partners the kind of dissemination product – a video made with non-professional equipment – that they, many of them scientists, can produce to connect with their audience in a more direct way and away from the difficult scientific jargon. If you want to see it, follow this link or click on the video.