The publications of the ReMIX project, predecessor of IntercropVALUES, are now available on this site

The ReMIX project, the predecessor of IntercropVALUES, ended in April 2021. The fact that its last year of activities coincided with the outbreak of the pandemic made it difficult to organize dissemination events. Those that did take place had to be organized remotely. Nevertheless, the project was prolific in scientific publications (more than 90), and also in other more action-oriented publications. These included practice abstracts, policy recommendations, and a practical guide on intercropping. we are now making these more practical documents available in the IntercropVALUES library for those interested in intercropping.

Some of the publications, such as the guide “From theory to practice of species mixtures”, were only finalized, edited, and published after the closing of the ReMIX project, and therefore it was difficult to disseminate them. For this reason, we are now releasing, for the followers of IntercropVALUES and for anyone else interested in intercropping, this document. The guide, coordinated by Laurent Bedoussac (INRAE) and elaborated together with Lisa Albouy, Elina Deschamps, Chloé Salembier, and Marie-Hélène Jeuffroy, gathers more than 50 practical guides for farmers (and from farmers!) who want to develop intercropping, as well as a feasibility study of harvesting and sorting.

The guide is available in English and French.

Find the English version here.

Find the French version here.